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Current and Upcoming Shows:

Shambhala Music FestivaL

August 9-12 2019

Basecamp Art Gallery

Salmo, Canada

Night at the Movies V.2

August 9-12May-June 2019

Penumbra Art Gallery




March-May 2019

Gristle Gallery

Brooklyn, NY

Trading Card Art Show 2

December-January 2019

Gristle Gallery

Brooklyn, NY


May, 2018

Alexi Era Gallery

Eugene, OR



March 2018 

Gristle Gallery

Brooklyn, NY



March 2018

La Bodega Gallery

San Diego, California 


LaBry Fine Art

Curently showing work

Boise, Idaho


Altar Egos

January-February 2018

Boise, Idaho

Solo exhibit


Winter Moon 


Always April Gallery

Baltimore, MD


Dia De los muetos X-

October 14- November 4 2017

Cactus Gallery

Los Angeles California



Boise Open Studios

October 13, 14, and 15th 2017


Beatles Show-

July-August, 2017

Cactus Gallery

Los Angeles California


Urban Wildlife-

June 10- July 15, 2017

Cactus Gallery

Los Angeles California



April 7-28, 2017

Alexi Era Gallery

Eugene Oregon


Transcend- Solo Exhibition

February 2-25, 2017

Fotoeffect Gallery

Portland, OR 97209



State and Lemp

September 17- December

2870 W. State Street   

Thank you so much for everyone who made purchases at this show and during the months of November and December.  A portion of all sales went to Nature and Culture International to help raise money to save acres of the Amazon Rainforest. 



October 7, 8, and 9,  2016

Boise, ID




Boise Weekly Cover Auction  

October 19th at 6pm

JUMP 1000 W Myrtle St

Boise ID 83702


Alexi Era Gallery - Untamed Fauna  November 17 

2555 Portland Street

Eugene, OR 


This is a fundraising exhibition for the Wildlife Conservation Society 100% of sales benefit the Wildlife Conservation Society.


Alexa Rose Exhibit- November 7-10

Rose Room

Boise, ID 83702




                                              Past Exhibitions:




                                               4/22/16-6/13/16                      Small works group show- Swell Artists Collective

                                               2/1/16-4/1/16                          Connective Tissues- Dual Show- Visual Arts Collective

                                               12/1/15-1/31/16                      Krampus Invitational Show- Visual Arts Collective

                                               11/5/15                                   Art-Deck-O-  Olympic Venue 

                                               10/1/15-12-1/25                     Nature Repair-  Bricolage

                                               10/3/15-11/1/15                      Dawson Taylor  -Duo Show

                                               8/2015                                    Deja Vu- Flying M-  Boise, ID-  Solo show 

                                               7/2015                                    A Most Curious Evening- Crooked Flats-  Eagle, ID-  Group Show

                                               6/2015                                    Strange Tray-  Boise, ID-  Group Show

                                               9/1/15-10/1/15                        Christopher Scott-  Boise, ID-  Solo Show

                                               5/2013                                    Greenpoint Gallery-  Brooklyn, NY-  Group Show

                                               2/1/13-3/1/13                          Tarpit-  Brooklyn, NY- Solo Show

                                               7/1/12-8/1/12                          Elbit-  Brooklyn, NY- Solo Show

                                               9/2011                                     AOF Gallery,  Manhattan, NY-  Group Show

                                              12/1/10-1/1/11                         Basement Gallery-  Boise, ID-  Group Show

                                               8/1/10-9/1/10                          Women of Steel-  Boise, ID-  Duo Show

                                               4/1/10-5/1/10                          Flying “M”-  Boise, ID-  Solo Show

                                               1/1/10-2/1/10                          Dawson Taylor-  Boise, ID-  Solo Show

                                              11/1/08-2/1/09                         Gallery at Hyde Park-  Boise, ID-  Group Show

                                                5/1/07-6-1/07                         Friesen Gallery-  Nampa, ID-  Solo Show


"Fasting of the Heart" oil on canvas, 2018.


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