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About the artist:

Emily Wenner is an oil painter residing and working in Boise, Idaho. The women portrayed in her work often depict various emotions of the wild women archtype. She feels spending time in the quietness of nature allows us to heal and truly connect with our soul.  Finding deep roots in her love of nature, plants and animals, contributes greatly to the subject matter of her paintings.  She believes in magic, the healing properties of rocks, trees, water, minerals, and various plants, and finds comfort creating amongst their surroundings.  Her fascination of the effect of varying environments and personal interactions on human behavior is revealed mysteriously through animals, plants, and under ocean scenes. Emily’s work contains a lot of symbolism, and has a wide range of emotion, from romantic darkness, to transitions of the soul facing a life, death, life cycle.  Much of her past work revealed hauntingly seductive female characters facing heartbreak.   Her more recent work revolves around healing though nature, transformation of spirit, seeing the world at different angles, and looks to a constant rebirth of the soul.  

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